The Hashtag-List

The Hashtag-List



The Hashtag-List

When, around a year ago, we took a closer look at a very large, image loaded social media platform, we were quite astonished to found out, that #nails (59,3 million) is used more often than #peace (41,9 million) and the not so kind #sorrynotsorry (9,1 million) was more popular than simply #sorry (5,1 million). Fundamental themes of the present such a #climatechange (468,6 thousand) and #refugees (354,6 thousand) are found much less. We wanted to learn and understand more about this. 

So we have explored the accounts of 30 German and international fashion bloggers as well as that of fashion magazines and fashion journalists to find out which hashtags showed up frequently in their feeds and how often those were used by the community as a whole. 

Of course, there is a certain distortion as those hashtags were collected in accounts of users professionally engaged in fashion. 

The community as a whole does not consist exclusively of bloggers and fashion journalists but represents a profile of our society. And it was not investigated how often certain terms/hashtags were used by individual users/bloggers but by the community as a whole. 

And of course, a different image would occur if, instead of this platform, for example twitter had been explored, in which much more political content is discussed. Nevertheless, an image of our present emerges, an evaluation of trends and themes, with a wanted focus on fashion.

The first list (July 2016) contained about 250 terms. In September and November 2016 new lists have been prepared and the final version dates from January 2017 with more than 1200 hashtag terms. And we could have added more. 

The growth rate of some hashtags depicts how trends develop.
Political events like the Brexit and the U.S. election certainly had a visible influence.

But the list published here is not meant to be political. Therefore except #peace it doesn´t contain political terms. It was used to create our hashtag scarfs, on which more than 100 frequently used fashion hashtags are combined, its size on the scarf corresponding to the frequency. 

Luckily #Love outshines everything with more than 1billion entries.  

Click here to download the list with more than 1200 Fashion-Hashtags, enjoy and feel free to use it...

In case you want one of your pictures (with link and credits of course) featured in the list as an example for a certain hashtag please contact us via mail. We are looking forward to hearing from you.