Questions and Answers

How to order?


1grau Order the scarf of your choice. You will receive an order confirmation from us.
Please also check your spam.
2grau In our order confirmation mail, you will find your order number. Please send us now the image you want to use for your scarf by answering back the confirmation mail. Please attach only images smaller than 6 MB. 
3grau Via communication by mail, we will develop a design for your scarf. 

After a few days, you will receive a preview of the scarf via mail. One revision of design is for free, further rounds of revision will be charged regarding the effort necessary. 

5grau Once you are pleased with the design, please send us a print approval via email and the scarf will go into production.
6grau After the print approval, the fabric has to be printed, washed three times, dried and tailored. It will take about two - three weeks until it will be ready for shipping. But you will receive something really unique, it is worth waiting for! 


How long does it take, till I receive my scarf: Shipping Conditions

As written above, the fabric has to printed, the colour has to be fixed, then washed three times, dried, tailored and finally packed and shipped. After the dying, the material needs some time to rest. All this cannot happen overnight. Every step needs hand work and manufacturing by hand. We are talking about real "slow fashion" here. Overall production takes three weeks. Shipping time depends on the destination. But you will receive something really unique and personal.  


Can I add more than one picture?

Yes, of course, you may add as many as you want. We will need to give you a special offer, because we charge 8,00 Euro for every additional picture we have to adapt and integrate into the design.


How much do the colours differ in reality?

Colours may differ from the view on your screen. This is depending on the color setting on your device and aswell on the surrounding light. On the silk colors are stronger and brighter than on the organic cotton. So we can give no guarantee for color accuracy.  


Can I combine a design for example the "Lady Dots" with another style of the image? 

Yes, of course you can do that, just let us know which style you want to have!  


How strict is the protection of property rights?

We have to observe the law here and it is actually pretty simple. If it is not your image, we cannot use it. The same is the case for an image of a celebrity, a sports event, every kind of branded products, except you have a written permission. It might be your favourite Sportshero or handbag and you might have taken that image yourself, but we are not allowed to print a scarf and sell it! If you use an image with a group of people on, especially kids, please make sure you have the agreement of everybody. This sounds pretty limitating, but their is enough content one can use like: your own family members, your pets, plants, nature, food you love, places you love and personal items that do not show a label (like pencils, sports equipment, knitting needles)

In particulare sould the images used for your scarf not infringe the existing rights of third parties or legal regulations. This means: copyrights, personal and trademark rights aswell as contitunationally questionable images and radical, political, religious or defamatory statements, images, quotes or texts. We print text only in english, french or german. Sould it come to a violation of the law or third parties rights we will refer that third party with all claims to the person responsible. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you accept that you are responsible and that texts and images you send to us to print on a scarf are not violating any rights mentioned here above.