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Our scarves are as unique and special as the people wearing them. For this kind of scarf, we take your image and develop a scarf based on it. The image will be reduced and varied in colours so it looks like a colourful pattern while you wear the scarf. Only if you unfold the scarf the image will be recognisable as an image!
As an image
- of the shoes your wore at your wedding
- of your kids,
- your pets,
- your home,
- your garden,
- your favourite city,
- the mountain, you have climbed, 
- the things you love,
- a hand drawing your kids made.
- the café you have met your husband for the first time...

There are many possibilities. Wear what you really love! 

Silk: 100% pure Silk - cool, glossy, elegant
Cotton: 100% pure organic cotton - very soft and cosy, matte, street style

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