About us




Fashion is an integral part of the expression of our personality. Our scarves are a unique and individual as the people who wear them. Created with a lot of care and attention to detail, they capture unique moments in our customers┬┤lives. EIGENTUCH - stands for "Your very own unique scarf". 


EIGENTUCH  is a scarf manufactory. "Manum facere" means "mady by hand". Your scarf is really very personally made for you. Many steps are necessary until the scarf is completed and  can be shipped. Production time is around three weeks, shipping time may vary according to the destination. Each personally prepared scarf is unique. All scarves are numbered, dated and limited. The edition of a pattern, a color combination or special images out of cooperations with artists fluctuate between 10 and a maximum of 500 pieces of one version. The details are indicated in the product description. The Edition Nummer is printed directly on the scarf.




Social Responsibility: 
We want to give back! The prices of our silk scarves are based on the market prices of our competitors. For the same price we even offer a custom made product. But we want to go further! We donate 20% - in some cases 50%  - from the proceeds of our scarves to national and international social aid projects. Now, one could argue: You could also lower the prices of your scarves to make them more affordable. True, but we don't want to. A silk scarf in the size 90 x 90 cm (35,4 x 35,4 inches)  has a certain price range on the market and we placed ourselves in the lower part thereof. We have a lean production and distribution, which allows us to promote these social projects despite an acceptable price. Our clients support this with their purchases and we aswell a waiving on a higher profit. We regard this as a way of a social and responsible economy, especially as our scarves are luxury items, no one necessary needs to consume, but buys to create himself or his loved ones a very personal joy. Thank you to all customers to follow us on this route! 

Local Production:
The "Made to Measure" production - production on demand - helps to protect the environment. Overproduction is avoided, aswell as long transportation routes. We manufacture locally in the "Black Forest", south of Germany, thereby reducing transportation costs and emissions. Our worldwide insured shipping with DHL logistic includes a certificate to neutralize its CO2 emissions.

The local production here in Germany ensures the compliance of environmental standards and fair wages. Our colors as well as out organic cottons are specified by the manufacturer according to the "Global Organic Textile Standard" GOTS. 



About us:
Since being established in 1999, Picturation GmbH is focused on personalized products, print on demand and mass customization. In 2001, we were awarded with the Innovation Award Baden W├╝rttemberg by bw connected. We developed concepts and realized online stores for photographers and artists. Among those the American rock band TOTO (Hold the line, Rosanna, Africa). We offered customized merchandise for them. A project that took the company global overnight with fulfillment and shipping worldwide. By 2010, finally the digital textile printing reached a quality level that set new standards and allowed customized orders on silk and other natural fabrics in small quantities. We tested the quality initially at fair appearances in direct contact with our customers and received a lot of positive, even enthusiastic response. We really love this combination of fashion, customization and social engagement and work with real passion everyday! 

Up: CyberOne Award 2001.